Let’s Start Your Transformation

Today is the day to step out of the wave of loss and onto the shores of healing.

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Nora will personally guide you through your journey.

You will acknowledge the pain and accept that you cannot do it alone! You will STEP into peace and embrace that JESUS loves you and He has “HEALING” for your wounded heart.

Individual programs are designed for you, your unique situation, and the way you grieve! Your choice of a 30-day, 60-day program tailored specifically for you.


Proven, Faith-based Courses

  • It will provide you with methods to cope with and manage your sadness, loneliness, and the overwhelming grief that seems to surround you.
  • Teach you how to move through your loss with dignity and grace.
  • Provide a step-by-step path to exchange your pain for eventual joy.

Does darkness surround you? Are you looking for something to grab onto?

Step into healing today.


The 3 A’s of Healing

​Affirmation, Acceptance, Assurance

Loss of a loved one through death, loss of a relationship through a break-up, or loss of your job. Any type of loss can take you into the deepest valley of despair and shake you to the core!

Deep Dive into the 3 D’s of Life

Death, Divorce, Demotion, or Job Loss

A three-week class designed to assist you in getting a handle on your emotions and moving you up and over the obstacles and on to the next step in your life.

30-Day Program

From the Heart: healing steps to promote and enhance your path toward healing!

60-Day Program

Extended version from the heart: healing steps to promote and enhance your path toward healing!

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